Top Five Pissed Off Expats in the Philippines

A recent story about a German who shot an Immigration Officer in the chest grabbed my attention and got me to thinking, something I’m not prone to do that often. In my severely twisted brain I decided to some online research and come up with my “Top Five Pissed Off Expats in the Philippines” List culled from events that have occurred in “paradise” the past several years :

5. Frenchman Freaks Out at NAIA as Filipina GF Stands Him Up

I remember this story from October, 2011. It made the rounds of most Philippine media sources when it occurred.

Dominique Albert George Fremond, 55, arrived in the country from Paris on board a Saudi Airlines flight late one Thursday evening. Airport officials at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, NAIA, spied the Frenchman wandering around the arrival terminal looking for his Filipina girlfriend, identified only as “Michelle.”

Fremond was observed making frantic calls on his cell phones. Frustrated, angry, pissed-off, the Frenchie apparently lost his temper and “started throwing tantrums inside the terminal,” declared one witness.

According to the Airport Police Department, Fremond started taking his belongings out of his luggage and threw his laptop and camera against the floor, smashing them.

The other passengers got scared, and the airport authorities moved in to pacify him.

They invited him to the airport medical clinic for observation, but the Frenchman ran towards the restricted airport tarmac. After the team failed to calm him down, he was restrained and injected with Valium. (Editor’s Note: Force feeding the man a few bottles of Red Horse would also have done the trick.)

Later reports from the French Embassy indicated there might have been some confusion regarding the time difference. Personally, I chalk it all up to the girlfriend running on “Filipino Time.”

(Source: GMA News Online)

4. American Goes Berserk in Iloilo Nightclub and Gets Arrested

In June 2014, police arrested an American man who went berserk inside a nightclub along Arroyo Street in Iloilo City.

Courtney Davis was screaming and having a fit while police were trying to calm him down inside the nightclub.

Authorities eventually were forced to handcuff the American and bring him to the city police station.

Based on an initial investigation, Davis and his girlfriend Renavic Magbanua went to the nightclub “to have fun.”

The nightclub charged them P12,040 for using the VIP room and for ordering “ladies’ drinks.” Well, truth be told, any man that orders “ladies’ drinks” probably should have been fined.

Davis, however, refused to pay the amount.

He said he already paid P5,000 but the management did not deduct the payment from his total bill.

Magbanua even showed their money to the police to convince them they could afford to pay the bill.

The nightclub refused to accept Davis’ explanation. After several hours, the American and his girlfriend finally agreed to pay the P12,040 bill. Check out the following video for more on this incident.

(Source: The Daily Guardian, Iloilo)

3. Expat’s “20 Reasons Why I Dislike PH” Channelfix video Sparks Online Debate

If you’ve lived in the Philippines for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard about this video by expat Jimmy Sieczka, an American living in Cebu. The video, released in on YouTube in 2012, was removed but can still be viewed on

Jimmy rants about how annoying and “pissed off” he is with the unsanitary preparation of food, dirty comfort rooms out of toiletries, traffic and vehicles honking horns, beautiful Filipinas being almost all the time a “lady boy,” and “giggling” security guards.

The American stirred up a social media firestorm with his video and in turn pissed off a lot of Filipinos.

2. ‘Male pride’ Led to Fatal Stabbing of American in Makati

Male pride was the motive behind the killing of a US Marine and spouse of a diplomat outside an upscale subdivision in Makati on Saturday, November, 26, 2012. This is another story that made news around the Philippines and I recall reading about this incident at the time.

“The suspects, being male, their pride was stepped on by another man. That’s the very simple reason for the incident,” Makati police chief Senior Supt Manuel Lukban explained during an interview with Rappler. (“Losing face” is a very important concept among males in the Philippines. Insulting someone in front of others can have extremely dire consequences, as the Marine found out…the hard way.)

Lukban said that the men were “irked” when US Marine Maj George Anikow tapped on their vehicle and triggered a fistfight that ended with the victim stabbed to death and lying on the road in a pool of his own blood.

Four young men were arrested and charged with murder. Anikow was stabbed after the brawl at the gate leading to the posh Rockwell subdivision in the wee hours of that fateful Saturday morning.

Victim harassed security guard

The incident occurred around 4am, when a visibly drunk Anikow first approached the security guard manning an area that leads to Rockwell and started harassing him about the policy of checking vehicles and not allowing non-residents and guests to pass through between 2am and 5am.

CCTV footage from the Rockwell security service showed the American was still interfering with the inspections when a silver Volvo SUV stopped at the gate.

Inside were the driver and 3 young men men who initially ignored 41-year-old Anikow until he tapped on the vehicle to get their attention.

The men then stepped out of the Volvo and confronted the burly US Marine, who according to the guard’s statement, pushed one of the men before the others defended their friend.

Seconds later, one of the assailants stabbed Anikow, who received a fatal wound in the neck and limped away before he collapsed in front of a bar along Kalayaan Avenue.

The suspects then sped off along Rockwell Drive toward Palm Village, where one of the suspects owns a unit, but they were arrested before reaching the residence.

Anikow was picked up minutes later by an ambulance and passed away around 7am at the Makati Medical Center.

(Source: Rappler)

1. 66-year-old German Died after Jumping Off a Cliff to Evade Pursuing Police Officers

Here’s a recent story I alluded to in this post’s opening: Dr. Rodulf Wilhelm Stolz shot an immigration officer who was out to serve him a warrant of deportation and a summary deportation order.

Stolz was considered an “undesirable alien.” Immigration officials have been receiving complaints against him.

Rodrigo Oamil, 49, and his fellow immigration agents and police officers went to Stolz’s residence in Sitio Sogod, Barangay Manoc-manoc here.

To the surprise of the immigration and police officers, Stolz fired at them, hitting Oamil on the chest. Oamil was rushed to a nearby clinic.

Stolz ran away. The police officers chased him. The German, desperate to get away, jumped off a cliff. He fell on the rocks below and died. (Source:  Panay News)

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