More Pics Filipina Teen Age Beauties




This was DenDen’s first competition. She won “Miss Personality” and finished as “Third Runner-Up.” The following shot  features our niece in the center standing next to my lovely asawa. DenDen’s proud Mother, Alida, is to our niece’s left. Lola, Grandma, stands next to Alida.

Next to my wife is one of the judges. A make-up artist is on the far right.


denden and the yes o model search guimaras


In the next shot, Proud Papa Joery is on the left in blue along with Alida and their two children, JalAmiel and Jorreale standing in front of them. I’m on the far right standing next to my spouse.


the crew


DenDen stands with other contestants in the following photograph. On the far right is the 1st runner-up from the 2015 Manggahan Festival.


our niece denden teenage filipina beauty


DenDen’s cheering section is featured next. They were quite vocal during the competition and displayed a lot of support for their friend.


miss personality won by ur niece


DenDen takes time to pose with some of her friends. The competition lasted nearly four hours, ending close to 11 pm. It was way beyond my bedtime but my asawa and I were quite pleased with our niece’s efforts. We’re both very proud of her.


niece denden and friends



a selfie moment

It’s a selfie moment with friends!