Philippine Puppy Patrol

Apologies to those cat lovers out there. I rarely run stories about cute kids and cute dogs but I’m making an exception today. “Philippine Puppy Patrol” features some of the new canines we now have at our new home in the Philippines.


cinderella and her new pups



We now have eight dogs that roam our property in the Philippines. Five new puppies recently joined the original three dogs we’ve had for over a year now. “Squeaky, ” “Bandit,” “Ella,” “Priscilla,” and “Patchy” are the newcomers.  Three boys. Two girls.

An “army of dogs”, if you will, per Papa Duck.

My original intent was to only have one dog, a Belgian Shepard. But “Killer,” our Shepard, was preceded by one male, “Prince,” and his sister “Cinderella.” The brother and sister tandem came from some neighbors.

“Cinderella’s” brood was fathered by “Prince.” Rest assured, Cinderella, Ella and Priscilla will be spayed. Eight dogs are more than enough to take care of.


our original philippines puppy patrol

The Original Crew: “Killer,”‘ Cinderella,” and “Prince”




For you old-timers like this crusty old expat, do you remember the vacation pictures your Aunt and Uncle would drag out? Before the digital age, my uncle would break out his old school slide projector and screen. This screen was the forerunner of big screen television sets.

Of course if you wanted the GIANT big screen experience, you would pack the family in the car and go out to the local drive-in. If it wasn’t family night, where a whole carload could enter for one price, your Dad might have stuffed you in the trunk to save some money. Hopefully, Dad would let you out later.

We have the cleanest dogs on the island province of Guimaras we call home. My asawa faithfully gives our original canine crew a bath every week. The puppies are getting their first shower as seen in the following group of pictures.


my lovely asawa scrubbing one of the new pups


it was the first bath for our filipino puppies


Yes, that’s Johnson’s Baby Shampoo being used on the puppies. My Google research indicated this was the best shampoo to use on little pups. Only the best for our cute canines!


another puppy gets their bath


Bandit Boy, seen above, is getting the full-on scrub down.


the puppies tolerated their first bath


Patchy Boy dutifully waits.


patchy gets clean


bandit boy get his bath


another clean puppy in the philippines


little pup gets dried off in a towel

I’ll end this post with a cute picture of Bandit Boy with a towel wrapped around him. He was getting cold and was shivering. Bandit warmed up after a few minutes. Our “Philippine Puppy Patrol” is now squeaky clean and happy.