Looking for Pot in the Philippines

My Filipina wife and I were looking for pot in the Philippines this past Monday. We live on the island province of Guimaras in Western Visayas. Though the island is reported to be the least crime-free province in the Philippines, we figured we still had a good chance of scoring some pot.

Well, a clay pot, that is, one my green-fingered Filipina could use for landscaping at our new home in the PH.

We had paid a visit to Neptune Pittman’s Garden Resorts in Buena Vista, Guimaras, this past Sunday to look at some plants. The tour guide at the resort informed us that a lady named “Gemma” had a pottery store nearby, about 10 kilometers away.

We left Neptune’s, with my asawa driving, and headed out in what my spouse thought was the right direction. After several stops and refueling at a local Petron station, we decided to call it a day. Anyway, my wife said there was a pottery store near our home. We checked it out. It was closed.

In our province we have our own set of “blue laws” where most of the establishments close their doors at noon on Sunday. We had those back home in Central Illinois where I grew up as a kid. In fact, the only ones opening their doors on a Sunday were the local churches and “Johnny’s Market.”

“Johnny” was a giant of a man who resembled Mr. Clean. He didn’t turn on the lights on Sunday at his convenience store but everyone, including the local cops, knew you could always pop into John’s place for a gallon of milk or a pack of smokes.

The outlaw proprietor always gave us more candy than what a nickel could buy (I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s where a candy bar only cost a nickel and penny candy reigned supreme.) Johnny was a relative, second or third cousin.

But I digress. We headed back to the local pottery store on Monday and discovered that the limited supply of pots on display came from Gemma’s pot place.pot in Guimaras, the philippines

The local pot store in Guimaras

The General Merchandise’s owner called Gemma and my wife was able to secure directions to the pottery palace, RGL Pottery.

RGL Pottery in Guimaras

After about a 14-minute drive in torrential rains and four stops for further directions, we made it to RGL Pottery. It seems that on Sunday we were only a few kilometers or so away.

Here’s a look at some of the pot displayed at Gemma’s retail outlet.

pottery monkey in Guimaras

I loved the monkeys. We ordered three of those along with two large pots and a Chinese-style pagoda.

My lovely asawa at RGL Pottery in Guimaras

That’s my lovely asawa making friends with the monkey.

some pottery we ordered at RGL Pottery in Guimaras

We ordered three of these pagodas in bronze. Gemma currently was working on a new pagoda on her pottery wheel, shown above. It will take two weeks to fill our order at a cost of around 7,000 pesos, 150,000 US Dollars. Our pottery will be delivered to our home.

pottery wheel in Guimaras,the philippines

Here’s a look at what Gemma uses to mix the clay for her creations.

the kiln at RGL pottery in Guimaras

This is the kiln used at RGL pottery.

Looking for pot in the Philippines? We found our pot in Buena Vista, Guimaras province and we couldn’t be happier.