Filipino Cops Told Not to Pick Nose or Scratch in Public

If you’re a policeman in the Philippines, you’ve been told not to pick your nose, scratch your butt in public or text while on duty.PNP

The Philippine National Police (PNP) leadership has issued these reminders to all policemen, 95 percent of whom are now deployed on the streets.

Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo Jr., PNP deputy chief for administration, said policemen should always keep a respectable and clean appearance and should always look “snappy.”

Pilgrim, you will find words or phrases in the Philippines, like “snappy,” that were in vogue over 50 years ago in the States.

Deputy Director Garbo emphasized the need for policemen to maintain good personal hygiene and good grooming to earn the respect of the public.

A study two years ago revealed that 69 percent of surveyed Filipinos believe police personnel are corrupt. I don’t know if refraining from scratching your butt in public is going to help.

Garbo has ordered all police chiefs throughout the Philippines to monitor their officers:  “I want to see the positive results or you will be relieved from your post,” he said.

Garbo inspected police stations to check if his orders were followed.

He commended best-performing police stations and personnel and disciplined non-performing police officers.

A desk officer caught sleeping at a police precinct in Barangay Tonsuya, Malabon while a riot was ongoing was ordered removed from his post.

Not only are the Philippine National Police to refrain from nose picking and butt scratching but with the holiday season coming up, the firearms of all PNP personnel will be probably again be muzzled and sealed with masking tape.

Seems some of the cops get a bit rowdy around Christmas and New Year’s Eve and have a tendency to shoot off their firearms (while on duty) to celebrate. Now if they pick their nose and shoot off their weapons at the same time, that will be a double whammy.

Only in the Philippines.


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