Could You Be on Philippine Bureau of Immigration’s Blacklist?

Could you be on the Philippine Bureau of Immigration’s blacklist? Pop65z claims he is.  

The American, who lived in the Philippines for over five years without ever leaving the country, states that the BI stopped him from re-entering the PH after a visit to the States. Pop asserts that he has been placed on a blacklist due to the overstaying of his visa. He declares he had no idea that he was on such a list.

Pop also states in a new video that he overstayed because he was waiting for his police clearance from the States. A police clearance is now needed when applying for a 13(a) Permanent Visa.

He says he was so focused on waiting for that clearance that he FORGOT all about using the Balikbayan Privilege.

I’m befuddled as to why a police clearance from the United States would take so long. I applied for two police clearances for my wife from Singapore and Taiwan when I applied for her Spousal Visa to America years ago. I received both clearances within a month.

Who is eligible for the balikbayan visa, privilege? According to the Philippine Bureau of Immigration website “A former Filipino citizen AND HIS FAMILY who had been naturalized in a foreign country and comes or returns to the Philippines.”

Pop states that he is married to a Filipina. All he had to do was leave the country, go to Hong Kong or Singapore, and re-enter the Philippines with his wife and their marriage contract.

My asawa and I did that over six years ago when we first entered the Philippines as a couple. The Immigration Officer at the Manila airport did not even ask to see our marriage papers. We availed of the Balikbayan Privilege for a year and then my wife sponsored me for my 13(a) Permanent Visa.

I received my temporary 13(a) and within a year it was converted to a Permanent Visa.

Everyone’s situation is understandably different. But it’s best to follow the immigration laws of the Philippines as we are only visitors, and frankly, the laws, while confusing at times, are not that difficult to obey.