A Top Beach Resort in the Philippines: Raymen Beach

 “A Top Beach Resort in the Philippines: Raymen Beach in Guimaras is today’s topic for Live Philippines. If you enjoy frolicking in white sandy beaches and swimming in sparkling blue turquoise water, this tourist destination on the mango island province should be on the top of your places to visit.

Gather your crew together and rent a nipa hut right on the beach front for only 500 pesos, less than 11 U.S. Dollars. That’s our crew in the following photo getting ready to take a dip in the refreshing waters.

The sun was shining brighter than the heart of a saint that Friday morning in paradise. A cooling breeze saved us all from the mid-80’s heat. I can’t swim so I was content to stay in the nipa hut and occasionally walk around the beach resort taking the following pictures.

Nipa hut at Raymen Beach Resort, Guimaras,philippines

Alida, my sister-in-law, is in the far left in the next photo, standing next to her Mother, Nanay. Seated in the front row is Cute, Alida’s helper. In the back row on the left is our domestic aide, Mera, along with our nieces Michelle and Shaina.

Nanay has not been to the beach in a couple of years as she only returned after a long term stay in Manila with her oldest son. She doesn’t swim anymore so I spent I lot of time in the hut with her. She doesn’t speak English. I don’t speak Ilonggo, the native language. It was quiet.

the crew at raymen beach resort philippines

That’s my lovely asawa in her swim gear getting ready to dive into the inviting waters of this top-notch beach resort in the Philippines. Going out to Raymen gives her an opportunity for some well-deserved rest. She’s continually busy, whether it be working in the yard of our new home in the Philippines or cooking a special lunch or dinner.

my lovely asawa at raymen beach resort,guimaras

Lots of motorized banca boats ply the waters looking for visitors who wish to go on island hopping tours. Guimaras is surrounded by a plethora of islands and islets. You can rent a boat for as little as 12 US Dollars an hour.

the raymen beach resort in guimaras, philippines

another visit to raymen beach resort philippines

banca boat raymen beach resort philippines

I was surprised to see that the Rico Beach Resort, which used to inhabit the property shown below, had vanished. All the signage was gone and not a single soul was seen throughout the complex. Speculation from fellow expats on Guimaras have suggested that this resort in the Philippines has been sold. We’ll have to see if there are any new owners the next time we visit.

I’ve always taken photographs of Rico whenever we paid a visit to this area and it’s been there since we first moved to the Philippines over six years ago.

location of former rico beach resort philippines

The man climbing the stairs in the next picture is American expat John, a retired fireman from New York. John is visiting the island province for a few months and at 6’4″ tall, stands out among the locals.

John was quite amazed when he first arrived in Guimaras and heard Filipinos and Filipinas alike calling him by name. Turns out the friendly folks were calling out “Hey Joe!”  John just misunderstood.


the former rico beach resort guimaras

John is seen in the next photo standing next to Nance, an expat who hails from Canada. And no, boys and girls, John and Nance are not an “item,” merely good friends that met when they both lived in Costa Rica.

They shared the nipa hut with us and this was John’s first visit to a beach resort in the Philippines. Both of these folks are extremely nice people and a pleasure to hang out with.

expatas john and nancy at beach resort philippines

John tests the waters in the next shot.

john swimming at raymen beach resort guimaras

Of course our niece JalAmiel came along. Her birthday was the day before and she thoroughly enjoyed herself as did all the kids that came along.

jalamiel at raymen beach resort philippines

Amiel managed to splash some water into her brother’s face as she swam close by.

jorealle at raymen beach resort philippines

We shared a San Miguel Pale Pilsen or two with our new expat friends along with a delicious and reasonably-priced meal at this Philippine resort, Raymen’s. We had a relaxing time and though I’ve been to this top beach resort in the Philippines many times in the past six years, it’s always a pleasure. The company of good friends always makes it better.


bucket of san miguel pale pilsen


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